The Scrounger.com has a plan to provide quality information concerning the scrounger jig. A few companies manufacture a “scrounger type” jig  these days, each using a plastic collar to create an oscillating action.

Our goal is to provide scrounger users a source to learn more about the scrounger jig. Which baits work well as a trailer, what size scrounger might be best suited for a given species or particular bait. While all of our current information is based upon real experience from anglers like yourself, there is always room for more information because the scrounger crosses all boundaries and can be used for basically any fish species. We will be doing our best to fill these “species” information gaps as we grow with the help from other anglers that use scroungers. Above all, we want to be sure that if you are left with any questions concerning the scrounger lure, that we get them answered for you in a timely manner so you to, can make the most of your next outing using the scrounger jig head combined with your favorite soft plastic.

We encourage the participation of our scrounger users to help expand our web content with more in-depth information, tactics and tips from around the country for any species they may target by either commenting in particular topics or by submitting something via our contact form. We even have provided a way for other companies that make soft plastics that work well on a scrounger, to get some extra exposure with our “Photo Feature” service.

All scrounger-related pictures and all written content available on thescrounger.com is protected by copyright and may only be used or duplicated with expressed written consent. High resolution photos for marketing and advertising of the scrounger jig may be made available upon request to approved businesses.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the feedback forms provided on the website depending on your specific needs.