30 Nov 2008

Scroungers For Smallmouth Bass

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This rig is my bread and butter out there but, is certainly not limited to what I describe. I know anglers that use the 1/8 oz. Scrounger with a variety of trailers and do just as well. Many are catching walleyes and Stripers on this same or similar rig.

Using the scrounger rig for smallmouth bass boils down to finding what works for you and what you are comfortable with. Some anglers may prefer the 1/8 oz. Scrounger with a grub or helgramite for creek smallmouth while someone else may prefer the 1/4 oz. with a bigger fluke for a trailer to get a faster fall through the water column. Either way, the Scrounger jig can and will produce plenty of smallmouth if you are looking for something different and versitile.

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