10 Jun 2011

Setting the Hook with a Scrounger?

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Another reader (Barry) recently submitted some feedback and a question, here goes.

Please help with suggestions. I love the action the scrounger head
gives to my fluke and grubs while smallmouth fishing the rivers in my
home state. Unfortunately, I’m having some serious issues with fish
coming unbuttoned before I can get them into the boat. I fished with a
guide recently and on this trip the smallmouth action was red hot. I
was nearly 100% successful in bringing my Texas and wacky rigged senko
fish onboard. The scrounger rigged fluke was slaying them good but for
some reason it seemed that 40% or more of the fish mysteriously just
popped off before I could get my hands on them. I’m sure it’s my hook
setting technique. Very late in the day I tried more of a sweep
hookset but that didn’t help very much.

Can you offer any of suggestion please?

There are a few things to consider here; the size scrounger, the size bait used on a scrounger and of course the hookset when you get bit.

As for the hookset, it’s my opinion that when you are fishing the smaller scroungers for smallmouth you should let the bait do the work and set the hook for you, the hook is super-sharp. Think of it much like a crankbait or using a circle hook on a whacky rigged senko.  As you are retrieving the bait, it gets hit, just apply a steady pressure, maybe just a tap to be certain the hook point went through.

As for fish coming un-buttoned, this can sometimes happen with the smaller scroungers when used with somewhat bulky baits in relation to the hook size. For instance, a 3/16oz scrounger has a 1/0 hook, not a very big hook although, I personally throw the 3/16oz with a 4″ bait. With this said, just imagine that the bait has no place to go when a fish hits, except forward leaving only a certain amount of hook to go through the fish’s mouth and hold-n to that fish. A great example of this can be found here: ( http://thescrounger.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/rigged-fluke.jpg ) the fluke jr. pictured is rigged on a 3/16oz scrounger. You may find it helpful to rig a bait so the bait is slightly angled downward like this photo. ( http://thescrounger.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/rigged-beaver.jpg ) Doing so often provides a better action and also allows more hook for your fish sticking pleasure. Hope this helps.

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