31 Jan 2010

Berkley Power Minnow – Photo Feature

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The 4″ Berkley power minnow (worn-out smelt colored) shown above rigged on a 3/16oz. scrounger is a great all-around producer for Bass and Walleye. This is a great combination I highly recommend to anyone fishing rivers and another of my favorites. If you can actually find any of the 4″ baits in the smelt color (which is getting harder these days) and want a sure-fire rig for Smallmouth Bass and Walleye on the river, this would be another great start. I have also used this same rig around weed-lines and lily pads with good success for LM Bass in lakes. Usually a slight color change makes the difference between productive and real productive.

The Berkley power minnow is also available in smaller sizes which allow you to scale back and create a great finesse combination with the 1/8oz. scroungers.

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  1. Jay Copsey says:

    I had great results on small mouth and large mouth with the scrounger and Berkley powerbait minnows – smelt and black shad. I’ve managed to stock up a bit on Berkely PB realistix minnows, but am also trying other brands for that day when Berkely decides to end production of the realistix minnows. I fully expect that many of the other brands of soft plastic minnows/jerkbaits work just as well with the scrounger.

  2. webguy says:

    Thanks for the reply Jay. Glad to hear that you have been able to stock up on the realistix, and you named the two most productive colors for sure. There is no more close to me anymore to be had. I have been eye-balling that new 4″ ripple whatever by Berkley for this season, should do well on the scrounger.

  3. Jay Copsey says:


    I’m still able to get the original Berkley Realistix Power Minnows by ordering directly off the Berkley website. Just received my last order on May 18, 2010. They send the order out and one of their distributors has filled it every time. What I’m ordering from Berkley is the “K and P’s JIG MINNOW KIT” that contains four 4″ & four 3″ smelt or black shad power minnows. Get them from Berkley while you can.
    I’m looking forward to trying the other combination you mentioned – 3/16 ounce with the 4″ minnow. I had been using the other combination of 1/8 ounce and the 3″ minnow that you mentioned above. I didn’t know that a 4″ minnow even existed until ordering the kits off the website.
    The newer power minnows are more like the generic fluke shapes and don’t have eyes and the same level of detail or quality that the older ones had.

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