31 Jan 2010

Super Fluke Jr – Photo Feature

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Zoom flukes are probably the most talked about baits to use in combination with a scrounger jig. The picture above shows a super fluke jr. rigged on a 3/16oz scrounger head and let just say, this is a great rig. You will notice that the fluke above combines all the flash created by the laminated plastic when it rocks side to side with the extra action the slim tail produces during your retrieve.

This is great all-around scrounger combination for LM & SM Bass and even Walleye. With quite a few colors to choose from and a variety of fluke sizes, it’s not hard to put together a winning combination for any species from panfish like crappie to big game fish like Northern Pike.

3 Responses to “Super Fluke Jr – Photo Feature”

  1. Randy Bruns says:

    Which bill is used the most small medium or large when using fluke jr in 3/16 and other trailers

  2. webguy says:


    The 3/16oz long bill

  3. DV Fisher says:

    I’ve been getting excellent results withe the 1/4oz (3/0) Gami Hook primarily for Stripers, made very well and withstood some punishing strikes..

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