03 Feb 2010

The Smoking Rooster – Photo Feature

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The Smokin’ Rooster by Rage Tail and marketed by StrikeKing is the best of a whole lot of things. Quite honestly, this bait works just fine on it’s own any way you rig it but, on a scrounger jighead, it makes waves. The sleek profile and flapping action of it’s appendages is incredible, this baby is meant to swim. Shown above rigged on a 1/4oz scrounger, this fast became my scrounger choice for lakes while targeting LM Bass. Chuckin’ and windin’ was never so fun. Buzz this across the bottom or buzz it along the grass patches either way, this combination can produce for you.

Another great aspect of the Smokin’ Rooster is to rig it vertically like you might do with a beaver style bait. Remove one arm, rig it vertical and you now have a completely different profile with the same bait packed full of that the same great action and believe me, fish have never seen that before!

If you haven’t seen the Smokin Rooster yet, you should visit RageTail.com for more information about its uses and designed applications. Checkout the RageTalk forums if you have any questions about their line of baits, friendly bunch they are. As for purchasing some smokin roosters for yourself, they are available online just about anywhere and most stores across the country are carrying them this season.

Tight lines everyone!

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