25 Jan 2009

The Scrounger Makes In-Fisherman

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The Scrounger got some press in a recent Feb. 09′ article written by Gord Pyzer in an issue of In-Fisherman magazine. The article is about a trip to Lake Kesagami for Giant Gator Pike, and it looks like they had fun!

Read about giant Pike being caught using the Scrounger . In-Fisherman has a great article called “Giant Gators Galore” and you can read about their experience starting on page 20.

As you can only imagine,  this informative article about using swimbaits to catch giant Pike is going to reference the Scrounger and it’s use during their trip to Kesagami Lake. including a few images of these enormous fish.

Be sure to find the article in your In-Fisherman magazine, available at news stands.

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